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At Garlich, taking care of all your prepress needs ensures that your job will print smoothly and flawlessly. Garlich's prepress department consists of an experienced team of professionals using state-of-the-art equipment. As technological advances occur, we continue to enhance our capabilities to provide you with the best possible service capable of handling a wide variety of files — Mac or PC. Garlich's prepress department enables:

    • Internet files transfer of graphic files
    • High quality color seperations, halftones, titones and quadtones
    • Image retouching, special effects
    • State-fo-the-art electronic page assembly and pagination
    • Finelly calibrated color proofing
    • Remote Proofing with InSite
    • Electronic Prepress Equipment and Capabilities

Electronic File Transfer: You can also submit your files through our FTP site "upload file" feature at the top of each page. Please call your Garlich sales or customer service representative for access to our FTP site or to setup an InSite account. If required, security can be assured through authenticated access to a private folder and additionally through our use of PGP encryption for world-class security.


images color wheelPreferred applications: Garlich accepts files generated from a wide variety of Macintosh and PC-compatible desktop applications. We work most efficiently in Adobe InDesign for page layout, Adobe Photoshop for raster graphics images and Adobe Illustrator for vector graphics artwork.


Our Electronic File Submission Guidelines are available on-line. You may view our Artwork Guidelines here.