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Some examples of Opaque White from the HP5500 Indigo...

One of the more advanced features available in our digital printing department is opaque white ink.  This technology has typically been used to produce a variety of window clings, and reverse printing applications, but the use of white ink explicitly as a design element and text color allows a variety of graphically interesting effects to be acheived simply.  

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The first example of which is the use of white ink to highlight the choice of a rich, textured stock & deliver a message with punch...

FC Dist
Project: Mom's Day Farm Tour Brochure

Agency: OsbornBarr

Paper: 110# Mohawk Loop Vellum Cover - Straw

Print: 4/c on two sides with 4 hits of white in-line

Finish: Trim, Crease, Fold


FC UpClose

Second is an example of a test proof piece for the backer to a reception menu, rich in texture as well.

M-R upright

Project: Menu Backer

Agency: Tree in Snow Design

Paper: 100# Neenah Epic Black Cover - Eggshell Finish

Print: 4 hits of white in-line

Finish: Trim, mount to menu front


M-R upclose

Finally: a very effective example of simulated metallic ink.

Bon Invite

Project: Anniversary Invitation

Agency: Tree in Snow Design

Paper: 12pt GPA Bright Silver Foil Board

Print: 4 hits of white in-line under Black and Yellow process

Finish: Trim

Notes: The technique is quite simple: any element set to knockout will print through the White and appear metallic on the silver foil paper.